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Very Ancient Africans spoke of Cosmic Creation as God, in the dark, hidden Amenta, entering the Spiritual Plane. Then, emanating out of God’s Mind came the Subjective Realm, from which evolved such Cosmic planes of existence as the Astral, Mental, and Objective Planes. The Astral Plane—i.e Duat or Underworld) and its reciprocal presence in humans as the Astral Body is conceived as a circular region which mirrors the physical world—both being devoid of physicality. The Astral Body (conveying understanding of its own existence and wants), the Causal Body (the center of consciousness, also called the Immortal Soul) and the Physical Body compose a human’s Soul (Ashby, African Religion III:170). Although a replica of the physical corporeal (gross) body, ones Astral Body is the Life Vehicle” of ones physical body–making a human “live” on Earth–and where Thought, Imagination, Dream States, and Subtle Senses occur. It serves as the seat of a human’s physical forces, sensations, desires, emotions, and motivations (Amen I:58) + contains the sensory apparatus and motor conduction paths which convey vibrations from the brain/nerves to the Intellect Mind + from the Intellect Mind to the brain/nerves + to the body’s 14 (not 7) Chakras. The Astral portion (in the sense of a “spirit”) of humans’ Astral Body is the “Shadow” orEtheric Double. By all of this powered by part of the Essence of the instilled individualized fragment of the Supreme Being, called the “Soul-Force” or “Life-Force,” it supplies the energy force which animates Matter. One aspect is “Emotive”—i.e. how a given word “Feels” (in a Pre-Birth Emotional way) to ones own Subtle body. Ones Subtle body is the way one feels to oneself—as when achieving some success or experiencing some failure.

Yet–because all in the “ME/WE” share the same Psychic Essences—all humans have a common experience of the samePhatic Emotive Expressions. Such is sourced by their same Soul Sunshine likeness of God ingredients instilled in each in primal times before their Earth World birth. Since “Soul Feelings” are simultaneously stimulated by the same ingredientsdrawn out of the Phatic Atmosphere’s Voice of the Silence and interrelate in how each “Feels,” the  “ME/WE” have a “Group Spirit.” Both are Psychic Essences or vital energies which emanate from its hidden Cosmic River System Ultimate Unconditional Love unifier. Yet, the Aura and Atmosphere contents of Truth, Reality, and Naturalness are “Sensed” by all who are “Woke. However, each forms a customized image out of a given shared Phatic Emotive Expression that conforms to the “Who I Am Spiritually” of each one involved. Thereafter, a given “ME/WE” member’s Emotions are invoked—not by the situations in which one is in or with which one is interacting—but by good/bad Icon Images associated with them (Amen, Tree Of Life p188; MAAT p96, 109). And that causes their similar behaviors. Cultivating the “Soul-Force” can be done either by stimulating Pre-Birth “Feelings” or Acquired Good Emotions which express ones union with Universal Order, and through it with all “Beings.” Thus, to “touch” ones “Soul-Force”—e.g. Mom/Child’s birth bonding–is to deeply enter ones Astral Body–a touching connecting one with the Cosmic Organism + all its Spirit connections. Since humans are Spirits and Spirits are unified with the Supreme Creator, the resultant synthesis consists of Spiritual Aura/Atmosphere of what is “Larger-than-Life”. So, ones Pre-Birth Emotions, drawn from the “Felt,” convey Phatic Emotive Expressions able to influence the Cosmic Organism. This is because humans are part of the Cosmic Web, itself consisting of interrelationship with the Supreme Being, Nature (the environment), and other Creatures. Thus, human talking created Phatic Atmospheres/Auras affect Plants and Animals. The Ancient African way of creating Spiritual “Soul Feeling” Icon Images was/is by story-telling with the desired Affect Symbolic Imagery in order for them to ‘find a home’ in ones Astral Body where one “Feels Deeply.”

And to Feel Deeply” is an Essential of being human—Brutes do not! To “Feel” Goodness deeply means being powered by Spiritual Energy to engage in motivational behavior that radiate into all areas involved in Right Life Thinking/Living. All youth, including those who struggle the most, are open to such Phatic Emotive Expressions.  Within a Congenial setting—where all feel unconditionally accepted, Affect Symbolic Imagery stories can impart African Spiritual Standards, Filters, Guides inthe most subtle, pleasant ways for by-passing insecure youths’ resistance to change.; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.

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