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All the numberless microscopic-to-gross things in the various multi-systems comprising Spiritual Cosmic Realities + all of the Secular (human-made) distorted and unreal things–each has a unique vibration rhythmic duty/appearance–and each has a meaning to someone. To elaborate on a tiny scope of a single given thing’s Reality meaning, know it is usually distributed on separate levels of reality. A crude analogy is to use one hand to pick up five crooked sticks at the same time. Each part of each stick covered by that hand will touch one another. This touching, called the “Common Point,” indicates all, being gripped by the same hand, are “family” members by sharing Correspondence. But away from that hand, one or two sticks might touch one or two others while the rest of each stick goes in a mildly, slightly, moderately, or extremely separate direction. Since they are sticks of the same “family,” from the same grape vine, means they have meaning on: (1) the hand level which creates the “Family,” (2) all being of the same vine essence, and (3) at each distant place where the sticks touch. Where the sticks do not touch means alterations–like bridging them with an associated vine stick–keep them, despite each doing “its own thing,” connected and interrelated so that all sticks have (4) Contiguity (unity among diversity). Each of these four aspects have different but related meanings. Similarly, one/others can get different meanings out of the same Setting and/or Situations, as in seeing meaning significance only in (1) and (3). So, (2) and (4) are disregarded or overlooked; deemed unimportant; misinterpreted as to what they assess of that Setting/Situation; or concerned with entirely different aspects of that “Stick” issue. Whatever is not seen of what is there to see means one is Blind to the Obvious–only wanting to get the “gist” of the issue—or multi-tasking instead of giving what one is doing ones full attention—or being only a Superficial thinker, driven by impulsive emotions, and thus having a low level of perception of what is significant–or having had different life experiences—or a lack of in thinking abilities—no interest—or socialized into false beliefs of it, which form biases/prejudices–or following the Crowd’s opinions/ways.

When these are put into words by those who disregard the Cosmic Spiritual Seed from which all Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom derives, what is conveyed is always shoddy, poorly thought out, narrow in option considerations, weak, inadequate, limited, defective, incomplete; non-pertinent; not of keystone importance; facades; confusingly directed or headed; placed on improper planes of existence; improperly arranged or combined; deceiving; in conflict; evilly misinterpreted; racially, ethnocentrically biased and prejudiced; injustice; in conflict; and/or mostly simply wrong! Perhaps the worst and most dangerous are those whom the Crowd deems “Experts” and “Authorities.” Reasons include that worse than not knowing—worse than not knowing what one does not know that one does not know, and yet is vital to know—is refusing to know or Care!!! Such Fools’ thinking feature self-declared “superior” bullies who already “know everything, about anything.For the meaning of a Thing, dumb bullies, on one end of the scale, strive to act like ‘little god’ pseudo-intellectuals by using complex, entangled, ‘big words’ so as to be confusing, conflicting, and ambiguous. On the scale’s other end are Proper Meanings which give an intent, purpose, and explanation of the Thing’s Essence or Core. Within the context of having had 13 years of top USA institutions training after college, the unquestioned smartest people I ever knew were those of my all-Black boyhood Community, some ex-Slaves. They could explain the most difficult things with pin-point meanings—that were Appropriate, Accurate (ensuring the truth or reality of what is observed or known up to that point), and Precise (result of guidelines, measures, estimates, filters having come from comparing them against Ultimate Absolute Spiritual Standards). These Spiritual Principles were imparted with Plainness (small words), Clarity, Simplicity—i.e. saying only the Necessary–meaning having one familiar, basic essence in a pattern that lacks branches, as does “Yes”.

 Ones place on the scale determines the nature of what one thinks, feels, says, does–and vice versa. Enslaved minds, by being naïve, believe the Crowd’s misinterpretations, since “everybody” does these stupid treadmill ways of living. All those flaws expandingly cascade from flowing on the wrong path, in the wrong direction, on the wrong plane of existence.; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.

Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS
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