K12 Inc, is preparing to donate $10 million dollars in scholarships to help Black students. The nonprofit based in Herndon, Virginia focuses on online education and technology programs for students of all ages to reach their full potential.

“At K12, we support eliminating racism, prejudice, and violence in all forms and against all groups,” said K12 CEO Nate Davis.

The company will also create educational programs for public schools to better understand systematic racism and diverse law enforcement career paths to help create a socially aware workforce.

“As a community of educators, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and that K12 teachers, administrators, and management must serve as a role model for children, parents, and families.  Only through sustained actions can we strive to create real change.  It’s my hope that our continued efforts to bridge the differences that divide our communities will help build a better, stronger, more inclusive nation,” said Davis.

The death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the many victims of police brutality has ignited protests throughout the nation.

Floyd’s untimely death sparked companies, organizations and educational institutions to implement changes to guide us to a true democracy against systemic racism. 

In the wake of the nation’s call to action, K12 realizes the initiative to assist Black communities by providing additional support throughout all areas of their organization.

K12 states their commitment will be to invest $10 million in scholarships to attend one of the K12 private schools, to build career readiness scholarships, to create a career path for diversity in law enforcement, create an educational program for students on systematic racism, to increase the number of Black K12 teachers, especially male and will promote volunteer efforts in the community through the program.