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I know you have heard and read this election is critical for the country and especially for Black Americans.

I grew up in the Jim Crow South under laws that made it legal to be segregated by race, to drink water from Colored only drinking fountains, ride in the back of the bus, and where KKK billboards were displayed on our highways.

This sign was located on Hwy 70 near Prinston and Smithfield.

Photo Source: Hardy Brown, Sr.


A place where Governors like George Wallace of Alabama who left history with this infamous quote, “I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” And, the infamous axe-handle swinging Governor Lester Maddox of Georgia, an arch segregationist who declared, “I want my race preserved.”

My niece told me last week how scared they would be going through a town that displayed a KKK billboard. I took a picture of it in 1972 while on vacation. And in my hometown of Trenton, just one block from where I was born and grew up, our White neighbor would fly the American and Confederate flags at the same time, with the Confederate flag higher than the American flag.

Photo Source: Hardy Brown, Sr.

Welcome to North Carolina

Well those days are gone but Trump and members of his cult, are working hard for them to return.

We cannot allow this to happen and all we have to do is take a little time to vote. Voting is made easy for us today, unlike during my parents’ days when they had to pay a poll tax and guess how many bubbles were in a bar of soap. My mother would joke sometime and say it depends on what brand of soap it was: Ivory or Octagon. Ivory was a soft soap and made lots of bubbles and Octagon was a hard soap with few bubbles.

Having said that I offer you my endorsements for the 2020 Election.

I endorse the following Presidential ticket:

Joe Biden for President with Kamala Harris as Vice President

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden (R) and Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris (L)

(Photo Source: WKYU-FM Public Radio)

They will implement a plan that will turn us from lies to truth and put Black Americans on a track for economic recovery. According to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, Trump admitted back in February on tape that he knew the Coronavirus was deadly and passes through the air. Yet, he purposefully downplayed it and my friend, Don Griggs and several of my cousins died because he lies every time he opens his mouth. And I am here to tell you, Trump is not going to change but get worse. We cannot let this happen. So, vote and tell your friends to vote for Biden and Harris.

I endorse the following candidates in Riverside County:

Mark Takano, U.S. Representative District 41 

Richard Roth, Senate District 31

Jose Medina, Assembly District 61

Chad Mayes, Assembly District 42

Virniecia Green- Jordan, Perris School Board Area 4

Rita Rogers, Perris City Council

Patricia Lock Dawson, Mayor of Riverside

Mike Gardner, Western Municipal Water Division 1

I endorse the following candidates in San Bernardino County:

Pete Aguilar, U S Representative District 31

Norma Torres, U S Representative District 35

Abigail Rosales, Medina Senate District 23

James Ramos, Assembly District 40

Joe Baca Jr., County Board Supervisor District 5

Alise Clouser, County Board Of Education Area E

Laura Abernathy Mancha, County Board of Education Area C

Deborah Robertson, Mayor of Rialto 

Barbara McGee, Rialto City Clerk

Michael Taylor, Rialto City Council

Stacy Augustine, Rialto City council

Stephanie Lewis, Rialto School Board

Damon Alexander, San Bernardino City Council Ward 7

Ben Reynoso, San Bernardino City Council Ward 5

Margaret Hill, San Bernardino City School Board

Gwen Rodgers, San Bernardino City School Board

Joseph Mays, East Valley Water District Board

Jonathan Lee, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water Board Division 2

John Longville, San Bernardino Community College District Area 3

Gloria Macias Harrison, San Bernardino Community College District Area 5

Sherman Garnett, Upland School Board

Lynne Kennedy, Rancho Cucamonga City Council District 4

Terrance Stone, Victorville City Council  

Hardy Brown Sr. is Publisher Emeritus of the Black Voice News.

Featured Photo Source: Joe Biden Campaign Website