Track Your Ballot

Sacramento, CA – California Secretary of State Alex Padilla offers a convenient way to track your mail-in-ballot this year. To do so, however, you must sign up for the service. The “Where’s My Ballot” initiative is designed to let voters know where their ballot is and its status, every step of the way. It keeps track of when your ballot is mailed, received, and counted.

In order to enjoy the benefits of this system you must sign-up at You will receive automatic emails, SMS (text), or voice call notifications about your ballot. Remember: Voters are encouraged to vote early either by mail or in person.


What’s Appropriate?

Riverside, CA –  City Councilmember Gaby Plascencia was criticized during a recent meeting of the city council for reposting a social media post that read, “Everything that Labor Day stands for is what Republicans and their White voter base hate, fair wages, vacation benefits, paid sick days, health care, equal pay for women, unions, etc. . . . Republicans celebrating Labor Day is nothing, but the purest form of hypocrisy.”

“These weren’t my posts,” she offered in response to the criticism. Just like President Trump retweets posts daily, Plascencia just reposted someone else’s message to her own Facebook page.

Riverside City Councilmember Gaby Plascencia represents the City of Riverside’s 5th Ward. (Courtesy of


COVID Compliant Partnership Funds

Private elementary schools in San Bernardino County meeting the state’s requirements to allow in-person instruction are now able to participate in the county’s successful COVID Compliant Business Partnership program. The program gives participants financial assistance while assuring staff, students, and their parents that the school is following procedures designed to protect their health and safety. To date, 31 private TK-6th grade schools in the county have secured waivers allowing them to open for in-person instruction. Applications from other schools are currently in the review process.