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With 100% of precincts reporting in San Bernardino County and votes still being counted, here is the current status in the Board of Supervisors race, mayoral contests, and local measures.

In the race to represent the 5th District of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Joe Baca Jr. leads Jesse Armenderez 59.58% to 40.37% respectively.

The following candidates are leading the field in his/her city to serve as mayor. They include:

City of Barstow

Paul Anthony Courtney 42.07% vs Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre 34.17%

City of Chino

Eunice M. Ulloa 77.79% vs Christopher Edward Hutchinson 22.18%

City of Needles

Jeff Williams 77.45% vs Sandra Queen Noble 21.14%

City of Rialto

Deborah Robertson 50.95% vs Lupe Camacho 26.23%

City of Upland

Bill Velto 32.79 vs Debra “Debbie” K. Stone 26.32%

Following are the status of votes on county and city- wide measures:

San Bernardino County

Measure J – Yes 50.25% No 49.75%

Measure K – Yes 67.90% No 32.10%

City of Montclair

Measure L – Yes 70.51% No 29.49%

City of Chino Hills

Measure M – Yes 67.11% No 32.89%

City of Hesperia

Measure N – Yes 72.33% No 27.67%

Apple Valley

Measure O – Yes 34.45% No 65.55%

City of Victorville

Measure P – Yes 51.11% No 48.89%

City of Upland

Measure Q – Yes 50.13% No 49.87%

City of Adelanto

Measure R – Yes 67.25% No 32.75%

City of San Bernardino

Measure S – Yes 57.62% No 42.38%

City of Redlands

Measure T – Yes 50.03% No 41.97%

San Bernardino County Fire Protection District

Measure U – Yes 48.61% No 51.38%

Spring Valley Lake Community Services District

Measure V – Yes 28.48% No 71.52%

Wrightwood Community Services District

Measure W – Yes 75.14 No 24.86%

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With 100% of precincts reporting in Riverside County votes remaining to be counted here is the status of mayoral contests and local measures.

City of Cochella Mayor

Steven A. Hernandez 2,835 vs Lesly Figueroa 2,430

City of Desert Hot Springs Mayor

Adam Sanchez 1,217 vs Scott Matas 2,208

City of LaQuinta Mayor

Linda Evans 9,082 vs Robert F. Sylk 1,932

City of Menifee Mayor

Bill Zimmerman 13,100 vs Rick Estrada 5,811

City of Moreno Valley

Yxstian Gutierrez 16,288 vs Mary E. McBean 9,232

City of Perris Mayor

Michael M. Vargas 5,672

City of Riverside Mayor

Patricia Lock-Dawson 29,027 vs Andy Melendrez 19,969

Following is the status of local ballots measures across Riverside County:

Measure L- City Of Banning 10% Cannabis Distribution Tax For General Municipal Svcs

Yes 3,269

No 1,469

Measure M- City Of Menifee Repealing Previous Voter Approved Measure Dd Sale Tax

No 13,382

Yes 7,704

Measure P- Romoland School District School Bond Measure

Yes 2,385

No 2,215

Measure Q- City Of Riverside Charter To Appoint To Fill Vacancy

Yes 31,181

No 16,212

Measure R- City Of Riverside Consolidate Mayor With City Council, Statewide And General Elections Beginning In 2022

Yes 34,363

No 12,080

Measure T- City Of Riverside Eliminate The Requirement Of Producing Copies Of The Adopted Budget

No 23,626

Yes 22,777

Measure U- City Of Jurupa Valley Tax Increase On Cannabis Businesses For General Municipal Services

No 6,543

Yes 6,130


Measure V- City Of San Jacinto 1¢ Sale Tax Increase For General Services

Yes 5,170

No 2,305


Measure X- City Of Corona 1¢ Sale Tax Increase For Emergency And General Services

Yes 12,975

No 12,363




Measure Y- City Of Corona City

Council Term Limit


Yes 20,918

No 4,104


Measure Z- City Of Lake Elsinore One Cent Sale Tax For General Municipal Services

Yes 7,035

No 3,813


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