The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has implemented a temporary waiver allowing non-commercial licenses for drivers 70 years of age and older to be renewed without an office visit.

Those eligible to do so are encouraged to renew online or by mail to eliminate the need to visit a local DMV office.

This option will remain in effect for the length of California’s State of Emergency or until modified. The DMV is making the required programming changes so customers who meet the criteria will be able to complete their renewal online beginning Dec. 6.

This is an enhancement to the agency’s previously provided yearlong extensions afforded senior drivers with non-commercial licenses that expired between March and December are extended through the end of the year to bring the state in alignment with current federal guidelines.

The ability for California’s senior drivers to renew online is the latest action to avoid or eliminate delays during a DMV office visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the DMV also encourages customers to apply for the REAL ID to use the online application and upload the required documents before they visit their local DMV.

To learn the options required to complete any DMV service please visit the agency’s Service Advisor on the DMV website.