Bobby Seale (Source: BRAAF)

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Bobby Seale (Source: BRAAF)

On Wednesday, April 28 beginning at 6:00 p.m. the founder of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale will speak at the SBX African American Unity Day designed to highlight Riverside County’s Building Resiliency in African- American Families (BRAAF) Program. 

The event theme of the event, hosted on Zoom, will be “Building A Healthy Black Community.”

“The Black Panther Party is a legendary organization for the African-American community. It gives us hope, pride, and a vision of what is possible when the community unites for a common purpose. As the founder of the organization, Bobby Seale is a national treasure,” said Corey Jackson, CEO of SBX. 

SBX (Sigma Beta Xi Inc.) is a provider of the BRAAF program in Moreno Valley. The program enables young African-American males to understand who they are–including their  responsibilities and feelings; builds resiliency and starts them and their parents/guardians on a journey of self-discovery. This is accomplished through a variety of experiential learning  situations. The program also provides services for those identified with mental health needs.

BRAAF also has an after-school component based on the Africentric Youth & Family Rites of Passage Program (ROP), developed by Dr. Aminifu Harvey. It centers on the Nguzo Saba and RIPSO principles of truth, justice, righteousness, harmony, balance, reciprocity, and propriety. 

The goal of the BRAAF program is the empowerment of Black male adolescents through a nine-month Rites of Passage Program. BRAAF serves boys enrolled in middle school, who meet criteria, into an after-school program that meets for 3 hours per day/ 3 times per week. The program provides a multifaceted program to a 15-member youth group.

Sigma Beta Xi Inc’s (SBX) mission is to break the cycle of poverty and violence through mentoring, education, and community organizing. Since 1998, SBX has provided mentoring, youth development, and anti-poverty services in the Inland Empire to youth of color and their families in the communities of Riverside County.