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Jon D. Gaede |

Tokyo – As viewers watched on television Kevin Durant became the leading all-time Olympic point scorer in basketball, Simone Biles withdrew from the Women’s Gymnastics all-around team competition as China (21) and the U.S.A. racked up the lion’s share of Olympic medals. With a total of 46 each. 

Kevin Durant becomes the leading all-time Olympic point scorer in basketball. (Source: Jon Gaede)

Durant joined the Olympic squad for the London games in 2012. Since that time he has amassed 354 points during Olympic competition. Team USA beat the Czech Republic 119-84 to complete pool play as they rolled on towards the medal rounds.

The eyes of the nation were fixed upon sensational Olympic gymnast Simone Biles as she and her teammates competed for the highly anticipated Gymnastics Team competition. 

Members of the women’s gymnastics team show love to supporters during competition. (Source: Jon Gaede)

Biles’ initial attempt on the dangerous vault apparatus was an indication that something was wrong. With great regret, Biles withdrew from the competition at that point. 

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Women’s gymnastics team awarded silver medal. (Source: Jon Gaede)

Team USA was impressive overall, but had to settle for the silver medal, as the Russian Federation took the gold.

Jon D. Gaede is a reporter and photographer covering the 2020(21) Olympics for the IE Voice and Black Voice News. He has been covering the Olympics for the past four competitions.