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S. E. Williams

Earlier this year, the Black Voice News’ Mapping Black California (MBC) team introduced a dashboard that looked at the impact of  COVID-19 on Black Bodies in communities around the state.  

The tool not only focuses on COVID-19’s impact on these communities but also looks at the evolving nature of the virus in relation to variants like Delta, as well as providing a window into vaccine acceptance by Blacks in the state. 

Measures tracked by the California Department of Health have served as a key source for the COVID-19 on Black Bodies dashboard, however since the dashboard’s initial launch much has changed.   

In response to these changes,  MBC has updated and enhanced its “COVID-19 on Black Bodies” dashboard to ensure it is not only current, but also reflects the state’s current COVID-19 priorities as reflected in measures, in addition to information from other key sources. 

What’s new on the “COVID-19 on Black Bodies” Dashboard

Hospitalization and ICU data reflecting month to month trends is no longer tracked because California is no longer reporting this data.

The number of COVID-19 cases by county for Black residents is no longer tracked as counties are no longer reporting much of the data needed to ensure standardized reporting.

The dashboard no longer reflects trends by age because the information can no longer be disaggregated from the information provided by the state of California.

Another update included in the dashboard is information regarding the restriction/spread of COVID-19 by county and the vaccination section of the map is also updated.

There is also a link included in the new version of the  dashboard for the convenience of those interested in exploring the healthy places index for additional information on the overall health of their community.

The vaccination progress by race section is updated to reflect the most current information, however, the information is no longer disaggregated by vaccine manufacturers—Pfizer,  Moderna and J&J—in favor of added focus on communities and people.

MBC has added a “click to learn” option for each variant to provide context for their impact on people.

View current information regarding COVID-19’s impact on California’s Black communities at MBC’s COVID-19 on Black Bodies Dashboard

Alex Reed is a Project Manager for Black Voice News as part of the Mapping Black California team where she works at the intersection between data and storytelling, helping to build solid connections between content and consumers, providing research, data analysis and creative services to Black Voice News and its partners.

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