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Every December the Center for Cooperative Media lists the top 10+ journalism collaborations of the year. 

Included on the 2021 list is  the national project on food scarcity by four Black, Report for America newsroom partners: Black Voice News, New York Amsterdam News, The St. Louis  American and the Atlanta Voice for their collaboration on “The Barren Mile: Covid-19 and the fight against food apartheid”  The collaboration is believed to be the first time since the 1960’s that Black-owned newspapers have worked together to produce an enterprise story.

The Barren Mile examines the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on communities of color, and focused specifically on how food scarcity increased due to the related complications. 

A volunteer packs roast beef sandwiches for homebound meal deliveries at the Highland Senior Center (Photo by Breanna Reeves).

From San Bernardino, California Brooklyn, New York  the series explores how residents endured during Covid-19 by relying on food banks, community farms and gardening because of a glaring absence of grocery stores throughout Black and Brown neighborhoods. 

Black Voice News and Report for America corps member Breanna Reeves with the support of Mapping Black California Project Manager Alex Reed, produced a report for the collaboration titled, The Barren Mile: Food Apartheid and San Bernardino Residents’ Quest for Fresh, Healthy Food as COVID-19 Persists.

The Center for Cooperative Media’s full list of the Top 10+ Journalism Collaboration of 2021 can be found  here