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Opposing quarterbacks Justin Herbert and Mathew Stafford did not suit up for their initial pre-season football matchup at Sofi Stadium, however, so many would use the opportunity to impress, standout and perhaps separate themselves from others competing at the same position.

Players who look good in practice, can make the final cut, regardless of their draft position

For many reasons, the NFL has reduced the preseason to only three games, which limits the chances for players to move up on the depth chart, earn a starting position, or simply make the final roster cut from 90 to 53. 

Undrafted LA Ram rookie Lance McCutcheon (Montana State) caught two touchdown passes against the LA Chargers on Saturday at Sofi. (Photo: Robert Attical BVN).

Players who look good in practice and then back that up with quality plays in a game, can make that final cut regardless of their draft position.

Veterans, recent draft choices and the unproven, went head to head

The combination of the veterans, recent draft choices and the unproven, went head to head at Sofi on Saturday night. The Chargers’ Chase Daniel started at quarterback, completing 11 of 17 passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns. Followed by Easton Stick, 16 for 23 and 119 yards, scoring once with his feet. Joe Reed caught four passes, including an impressive 41 yard catch for a touchdown. Michael Bandy caught seven passes for 75 yards and one touchdown.

Undrafted Lance McCutcheon caught five passes for two scores

Ram third string quarterback Bryce Perkins was impressive, completing 10 of 17 for 133 yards and two touchdowns. Perkins showed he is quite mobile and can improvise under pressure. Undrafted, lanky wide receiver Lance McCutcheon (Montana State) caught five ram passes for 87 yards and two scores, certainly making the most of his night.

Notable first round draft choice Zion Johnson was solid in his debut

LA Charger rookie running back Isiah Spiller, makes his professional debut against Super Bowl Champion LA Rams at Sofi. (Photo: Robert Attical BVN).

Charger rookie running back Isiah Spiller (Texas A&M) made his pro debut, showing off his size and speed, running the ball 10 times and catching one pass out of the backfield. Veteran running back Josh Kelley (UCLA) ran the ball for 17 yards and caught three passes for 28 yards. Notable first round draft pick Zion Johnson (Boston College) was solid on the line in his debut.

Chargers play Cowboys at Sofi on Saturday, Rams travel to play Texans

Sofi Stadium was impressively well attended for an initial preseason matchup in mid-August. Nearly 90,000 fans enjoyed many scores and 51 total points on the night. The Chargers play the Cowboys at Sofi next Saturday as the Rams travel to take on the Texans.

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