Thing to consider before you vote.
Thing to consider before you vote. Credit:

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Hardy Brown | Publisher Emeritus, Black Voice News

My endorsement list has been expanded to accommodate the many readers that have moved throughout the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside and rely on my political recommendations. 

This election is different to me than those of the past due to my belief that the Donald Trump MAGA Group, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, QAnon believers and January 6 Election deniers are out to remove my rights from the constitution. This would reduce me to “Separate and Unequal” protection in this country.

Therefore, I cannot support some people I know personally and have supported in the past who are in the Republican Party and remain silent to what they hear and see the Republicans doing. I am making a couple of exceptions in a few non-partisan positions and only those I know or who come with strong community ties.

With that explanation I offer my endorsements with brief statements on a few as follows:

Pete Aguilar

Pete Aguilar Best Choice for Congress District 33

In the short time that Pete Aguilar has been elected to congress, he has gained the respect of his colleagues and the nation by serving on the Jan 6, 2021 Insurrection Committee to determine who planned, financed and organized the overthrow of our election and democracy. He has brought honor and respect to Congress and the Inland Empire communities.

For the people “Pete” represents, he has brought over $1 billion dollars into the district, which will be used to rebuild our cities’ infrastructure, reduce prescription medicine costs for senior citizens, add more staff for public safety officers and crime prevention and educational programs. Plus he has a fantastic staff that is reliable and responsive to the voters’ needs.

James Ramos

James Ramos Best Choice for Assembly District 45

James Ramos has done a great job in his old Assembly District and he will continue to do a great job as the first Native American to serve in our state legislature. I am proud to have known him and his family long before his success in politics and tribal government, and it has not changed his values.

Corey Jackson

Corey Jackson Best Choice for Assembly District 60

Corey is your guy if you want a fighter and hard worker in Sacramento. I have known him for a long time and selected him to be former Assembly Member Cheryl Brown’s first campaign manager. He has always been a high achiever and never backs down from a cause he believes in which will benefit his community.

Dr. Gwen Dowdy-Rodgers Best Choice for San Bernardino County Board Of Education Area D

Dr. Gwen Rodgers

Dr. Rodgers has served this community all of her life and as a school board member since 2014.  She has served the students and employees of the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) with dignity, respect and transparency while accomplishing some of her personal goals for students. As a former member of the school board I hate to see her go but will be happy to see her serve all of the children in the county.  

Trayvon Martin Best Choice for School Board Seat to fill the “Short Term” Seat Vacated by the passing of his mentor and friend Dr. Margaret Hill.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was a solid community choice for the appointment to the Board back in February but three members on the board did not agree. Trayvon is a former Golden Apple Award winning classified employee of the school district and an active member in our community, working with our youth and various community organizations. He also attended school in the district. Trayvon has added to his passion for education by working at the state level with the California School Board Association, which will be of  great benefit to him and our district.

Alex Avila

Alex Avila is one of the Best Choices for San Bernardino City Unified School Board of Education. There are three seats up for grab.

The board needs a go-getter, highly motived individual focused on education and family, an individual like Alex.  With Alex and Trayvon Martin added to the board along with the strong moral leadership of Mayra Ceballos, maybe they can point the board in the direction of transparency and student achievement.

Helen Tran for Mayor of San Bernardino

Helen Tran

Helen Tran has the skills, training and knowledge of the city’s mission needed to assist the council and city manager in delivering services to all citizens while showing respect to their position. Respect for the council members will go a long way in team building and creating an image that will increase business and service to our residents.

Denise Davis deserves your vote for reelection to Redlands City Council

Denise Davis

Denise Davis was elected to the Redlands City Council in 2018. Since then she has been instrumental in pushing for the groundbreaking $30 million dollar project home key grant that the City of Redlands received in 2022 to build transitional housing for the unhoused community. She also successfully proposed the utility bill assistance program to help low-income residents with their utility bills. She’s been the author of many “first” proclamations including Pride Month, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Non-Binary Day, and the Racism is a Public Health Crisis Resolution. 

Hardy Brown’s Slate for the Nov 8, 2022 Election

Federal Office

Alex Padilla for Senator (partial term)

Alex Padilla for Senator (full term)

Derek Marshall for Congress District 23

Dr. Raul Ruiz for Congress District 25

Judy Chu for Congress District 28

Pete Aguilar for Congress District 33

Norma Torres for Congress District 35

Asif Mahmond for Congress District 40

Will Rollins for Congress District 41

State Office

Gavin Newsom, Governor

Eleni Kounalakis, Lieutenant Governor

Dr. Shirley Weber, Secretary of State

Fiona Ma, Treasurer

Malia Cohen, Controller

Ron Bonta, Attorney General

Ricardo Lara, Insurance Commissioner

David Dodson, State Board of Equalization District 4

Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Steve Padilla, Senator District 18

Susan Rubio, Senator District 22

Brian Nash, Senator District 32

Eduardo Garcia, Assembly District 36

Juan Carrillo, Assembly District 39

Chris Holden, Assembly District 41

James Ramos, Assembly District 45

Christy Holstege, Assembly District 47

Freddie Rodriguez, Assembly District 53

Sabina Cervantes, Assembly District 58

Dr. Corey Jackson, Assembly District 60

Patricia Guerrero Chief Justice Supreme Court

Goodwin Liu, Associate Justice Supreme Court

Martin Jenkins, Associate Justice

Joshua Groban, Associate Justice

Judith McConnel, Presiding Justice

Local Office

Dr. Gwen Dowdy-Rodgers, County Board of Education Area D

Acquanetta Warren, Mayor, Fontana

Darcy McNaboe, Mayor,Grand Terrace

Paul Leon, Mayor, Ontario

Helen Tran, Mayor,  San Bernardino

Stevevonna Evans, Mayor, Adelanto

Aaron Bratton, City Council, Ontario

Denise Davis, City Council, Redlands District 1

Dr. Kelley Ervin, City Council, Rialto

Donald English, Chaffey High School District Area 4

Alex Avilla, San Bernardino School Board

Travon Martin, San Bernardino School Board 

Mars Serna, Fontana School Board District 1

Shelley Bradford, Fontana School Board District 2

La Shawn Love-French, Adelanto Elementary School Board Area 2

Heidi Luv Strikwerda, Yucaipa-Calimesa School Board Area 5

Brent Lee, Riverside Unified School Board of Education TA5

Dr. Nathan Gonzales, San Bernardino Community College District Area 4

Joseph Williams, San Bernardino Community College District Area 2

Jesse Armendarez, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor District 2

Dan Jenkins, West Valley Water District Division 2

Angela Garcia, West Valley Water District Division 1

Kevin Moore, West Valley Water District Division 3

Jasmin Hall, Inland Empire Utilities Agency Division 4

Susan Longville, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District 3

John Longville, San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation Division 4

Local Measures

NO on Measure A Rialto Unified School District Bond Proposition

NO on Measure EE 

YES on Measure F in Redlands Amendment to General Plan

YES on Measure M in Grand Terrace Transient Occupancy Tax Increase

Statewide Propositions

NO on 26 Expands Gambling

NO on 27 (90% of money will go outside of the California)

NO on 28 Education Arts and Music (the schools are not spending current funds wisely)

NO on 29 Kidney Dialysis License of medical professionals

NO on 30 Tax increase on $2 million personal income earnersNO on 31 Let the law stand to prohibit the selling of flavored tobacco