IE Voice/Black Voice News  is excited to highlight the community-based solutions that have been the foundation for progress in our communities, regions and throughout the state. We are supporting this work through our inaugural IE VOICE Festival of Ideas: Telling Our Own Stories and Engineering Our Own Solutions |October 20th, 10 am – 2 pm at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts in Downtown Riverside. We invite you to join this community listening session as we continue BVN’s yearlong 50th anniversary celebration and commitment to community engagement.   

For the past two years we have seen unprecedented investments in health equity efforts, social justice campaigns and new legislation designed to create more opportunities for the most vulnerable communities.  While this emphasis is important, we want to hear from people like you who have been committed to change-making and power-building from the beginning.

As we continue to report on solutions to the most pressing issues impacting the region’s diverse communities, we want to make sure community voices and experiences are included in shaping the narrative. We want to hear what is working and what still needs to be done to really move the needle.  At the same time, we must hold traditional power holders and institutions accountable to their commitments. Your engagement helps us do that! 

The Festival is an invitation to the region’s advocates, influencers, and communities, to work together to help us report on that future.

We are all responsible for creating the future we want to see. We invite you to join us as we recognize major milestones  and continue to chart our path forward! 

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