Using data & technology to engage and build a “smarter & more connected” community



Instead of “pushing out information” we are “collaborating and collectively sharing information” across generations, regions, sectors.


Using data-driven journalism to the benefit of the public and to empower the community to identify opportunities and make decisions through greater access to information.


Introducing data and spatial analysis, location intelligence, and geospatial storytelling — primarily story maps — to the next generation of civic, community, government, and business leaders.


“Understanding precedes action – and understanding by the greater community can lead to more significant action.”


Digital Community Mapping allows us to: engage in community empowerment through mapping & advocacy cartography, map collective wisdom of the community, map assets, visualize important data sets, and tell a fuller story.

Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD


Andre Loftis Jr.

Chief Designer

Marla Matime

Content Strategist

Shirley Coates

Ignite Leadership Academy

Kevin Carrington

C3 Coding Camp


Social Media Assistant

Chuck Bibbs

Web Designer

Bergis Jules


Dina Walker

Blu Educational Foundation

Kennedy Wilson

Project Assistant

Featured Story

Hate Kills

The Hate Kills story map was created by the Black Voice News team after at report on the increase in hate crimes across the United States was released.


Mapping Black California is a community mapping and STEM initiative identifying the assets of the Golden State’s African-American community and introducing Black youth to the transformative power of GIS technology. Our collaborators are empowering the community with information they need to become more civically engaged:

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Mapping Police Violence
Mapping Prejudice
Gilded Age Inequality
Black Students At Public Colleges & Universities
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How Is Digital Mapping Changing The Way We Visualize Racism and Segregation?

Census data show the changing distribution of the African American population from 1860-2010.

The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation

Mapping Equality: Locating Racial Bias

The African American Geography of Tennessee

In The News

Mapping Black California, a Black Voice News initiative, is a collaborative mapping project utilizing GIS as a solution to make our community a better place and empower the community through information and the visualization of data.

Community Foundation: Society For Extraordinary Women Trains Riverside Girls To Be Leaders

Mapping Black California with Esri

Empowering Women’s Voices at Esri and Beyond

C3 Expo: Introducing GIS to the Next Generation of Coders

League of California Cities: 2018 Annual Conference

Women & GIS: Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds & Dr. Dawn Wright
Investing in the Future of Our Community

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