Ancient African Sages taught: (1) the Spiritual and the Material are interwoven while flowing throughout Nature. So, the Unseeable is knowable by the Seeable via the Law of Correspondence(same Genetics). (2) All Creatures/Creations are Spiritually joined and each is a Complementary Equal to all the others. When the Chinese borrowed this African Law of Opposites, they symbolized it as fishes not in conflict–called Yin (Cosmic negatives) and Yang (Cosmic positives). (3) In order to carry out their Mission in life and African Tradition’s Right Life Living, humans must not only properly use the Spiritual and Material but also each other in a “ME/WE” sense of Harmony. In addition, African Sages taught ones purpose in life is to fulfill the Divine Plan and to use each difficulty one has in life as a tool to force out the divine powers within ones Selfhood. Then they are cultivated into skilled powers to bear upon a task, either intermittently or continuously. From learning what and what not to do in these processes gives rise to Knowledge (Vision) enabling one to know how to self-cultivate—i.e. to shape ones behaviors so as to lead away from ones animalistic influences. That is Wisdom! In other words, “Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain Wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” The way to determine ones degree of “ME/WE” success is by African Reciprocity–receive rewards simply by having done them. Hopefully, those helped will demonstrate ripple effects by doing good and by helping others. These African Tradition concepts were brought to the Americas by Enslaved Africans. European villainous captors, who had Disconnected from all that is Spiritual and Metaphysical, instituted brainwashing to get them to switch to their Supernatural God for mind control purposes. This was necessary to support their ridiculous claim of being “superior,” as by believing in a “superior” God, whom they made-up out of ingredients in the Ancient African Bible. Numerous stories borrowed by Europeans comprised their Jesus, while omitting to say these were present in African Tradition thousands of years prior to European Jesus’ supposed birth. For example, Amen (Vol I: 117) says many teachings—e.g. the Sermon on the Mount—are thousands of years older than Jesus. Also, there were at least 16 crucified saviors before Jesus, starting with Horus, the Christ figure of Egypt. In 1611 King James had all of the countless European Bibles replaced so as to rewrite his in preparation for Africans’ enslavement.

His brainwashing ideas were intended, as England dominated the Slave Trade, for mind control to make Africans Ideal Slaves. Even prior, Ndongo and Kongo Africans in present-day Angola and the coastal Congo had probably been baptized Catholic and given Christian names because, in the 1500s, the Portuguese conquered both kingdoms and carried Catholicism to West Africa. Perhaps they originated the Black Church, also known as the “Peculiar Institution.” Europeans’ Supernatural religion brainwashing meant they, their fantasy Devil, Hell, and God “somewhere out of this world” were self-declared “superior” to the Natural World’s Spiritual God. Since they had gathered stories out of the Ancient African Bible and added strategic Aryan concepts, the brainwashing “switch” was “close enough” to “SEEM right”. But actually, it was like a “Backwash” whereby currents of a filthy river meet the “pure” waters of the sea to form an Interchange. Yet, by the European Bible being seeable and touchable meant it served as a tow-rope to cling to in getting through really hard times.

African and European feigned “certain sameness” religion, added to by the Enslaved interpretations, created the “Negro Church” concepts. Still, the Enslaved Philosophy of Life of African Tradition was maintained in their Static Background while European type thoughts/emotions in their Dynamic Foreground continue External World expressions. Even now, most Black People persist in thinking Metaphysically—i.e. in image forms of the Spiritual God. Also, the Black Church has maintained prominent common features of African Survivals: (a) the religious community possessing values held which embrace its Spiritual Principles; (b) containing an atmosphere filled with a sense of giving Respect and being Respected; and (c) providing a place where people participate with dignity, pride, freedom. From these, Europeans are completely Disconnected and have a God replacement made in their own image, whom they speak for. The point: there is no African Tradition vs. Negro Church conflict. Simply Unlearn European Brainwashing about everything!!!